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Dive sites in Bohol the Philippines

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Scuba dive sites Bohol - Philippines

philippines bohol dive places

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Diving on Balicasag Island, dive resort Divers Heaven 2star

Divers Heaven in Bohol, means diving on different profiles. the diving start above coral and sand. Followed by a drop-off to 32m depth, because here you get the chance to spot a reasonably large white frog fish. 40m. depth can easily be achieved, but the bottom on this depth is gently slopping down. At the drop-off, there's unfortunately not much coral to find and the amount of fish is very meagre. Yet there was a peacock tile shrimp, who willingly posed for the photo. The dive ends on the bottom surrounded by seagrass and soft corals, where six green turtles enjoy munching the seagrass. Also, a leaf scorpion fish knew how to pose for a portrait. The visibility was up to 15m.

Diving on Balicasag Island, dive place Cathedral 2star

Cathedral in Bohol has a few obliques on slopes and notches on the drop-off. Because there's a sandy plateau with seagrass, at the diving we came across five green turtles, with one standing out with a length of at least 1,2 m. long. Furthermore, at this dive we found the three frog fish, two white leaf scorpion fish and a oerang-utan crab, but in general the presence of fish or other life in this area is rather poor. The sight was up to 12m and there were many floating particles in the water.

Diving on Balicasag Island, dive place Black Forest 3star

At Black Forest in Bohol, the diving start on a fairly flat bottom with quite a lot of coral, soft corals and reef fish, followed by a small drop-off, on which 30m is an achievable depth. On some of the drop-offs the level-difference between the plateau and the soil was only 10m. In the event of current you get the chance to admire schools of Jack fish. The diving ends on coral, sand and grass. On the shallow coral, there was a lot of reef fish, which caused movement in the water. The sight was up to 12m and there were lots of floating particles present in the water.

Doljo Point start 2star subsequently 3star

The diving on Doljo Point starts in Bohol on a sandy plateau without seagrass and on the edge of the drop-off, where soft coral has started to grow. After 5 minutes, the dive got a lot better and were we able to see much more life and coral. The fan, in the depth, with its many fish swimming around, was a great touch. The end of the dive was extra spectacular. We found ourselves on a sandy plateau which was completely covered with seaweed and we saw many pinnacles which were completely covered with coral and surrounded by hundreds of reef fish. It seemed like a landscaped garden, a unique and stunning spectacle. The depth was about 35m, with a visibility up to 15m. The water in Doljo Point, was with 29 degrees Celcius, a degree higher than the other dive sites in the Philippines.

Gamble ang 2star

Guess-ang in Bohol is a sloping plate with corals and a small drop-off. We were propelled by a gentle flow so that we could dive without putting in too much effort. A few frog fish were in a photogenic mood, and so were the macro creatures. The deepest point was about 25m and at noon we had a visibility of 12m.

Kalipayan 1star actually 0star

Diving on Kalipayan in Bohol is not recommended! The diving starts on a sandy plateau, which gently flows to a depth of 25m. Very little coral or marine life is found here. A large yellow frog fish fortunately came to accompany us, but this place didn't have to offer much more than that. The dive started with swimming against the current, but we soon had to drift back to the boat. A useless approach, which only respiratory consumed gas and didn't constitute in something fun. The sight during the diving was limited to 10m, which, most likely was caused by the bright sunlight.

Atlantis 1star

At Atlantis in Bohol, we dived on a tilting sandy soil. The dive went down to 30m. to spot muck dive creatures such as the flamboyant cuttlefish, frog fish, winged horse (Pegasus), ghost pipe fish and dragon scorpion fish. We only found the frog fish and Pegasus. Later this dive, we reached a drop-off with a beautiful, raw rock formation, but unfortunately little coral and marine life. The visibility during the dive was 15m and there were a lot of floating particles present in the water.

PPB 1star

Here we dived on a sandy plateau, with on the edge a shallow drop-off. A frog fish, some scorpion fish and an achaeus japonicas, known as the orang-utan crab were the most impressive sea animals during this dive. The visibility during was 15m and there were a lot of dust particles present in the water.

Garden Eel 1star

On Garden Eel in Bohol the dive starts on a sandy plateau with a drop-off to 20m. depth, with on the bottom ground fragments of broken coral. The name Garden Eel is excessive, because it's rather a molehill with garden eels. An electric clam, some nudibranchs, peacock scrimps, a porcelain crab and a small school of snappers were the highlights of this dive site. The sight during the diving was up to 8m. The sun probably was one of the causes for the additional fog formation in the water during the subsequent afternoon hours. There were also plenty of floating particles present in the water.

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